How To Be Successful : Immersing Yourself Fully

Today i want to share with you another powerful this concept is going to help you to stop from slacking behind on the learning curve of what ever skill you're trying to master right now,also from having a lack of persistence towards achieving your goals and also from not attaining true mastery in anyone area that you're trying to get success and right now it whether making money or anything else. and also help you to get a greater depth of understanding on the chosen subject that you are currently wanting to engage in your career,you profession,you hobby.

I also give you 4 higher levels of mastery in that area and also give you higher levels of persistence and a far better chance at achieving world renowned success. so what this concept is that i want to give you today is called "immerse yourself fully" now if you really want to get success in life, like you want to make a lots of money if you want to get a lot of power and achieve you goals,you were going to need to get mastery and achieve your goals from through coral immersion and pursuit of those goals.

so most people just skim the surface of any subkect that they want to get into, and they tend to coat themselves with a coating of gold  without actually working on the inside in going into work on what's really needs to change within them and they don't go for true mastery for the long immersing  yourself fully will help you to build a solid foundation and make your success in your chosen area inevitable that's what we want to do is make your success inevitable, and i'm going to help you with "immersing yourself fully" today with a few powerful techniques, so i'm gonna give you those techniques right now.

1.Find A True Master

First Technique is to do whatever you have to,to find study and model a true master.
so everybody needs a master even the masters of the masters need masters and their masters need masters is the best quickest way to improve, it's star looking about you for a higher and higher levels of masters ,find a true master do what ever you have to do to find a true master in the area that you are studying.your career,your profession,the hobby ,you passion... whatever it is , you need to find who the true masters are,who the true master is,and do whatever you have to do,to find them and study with them and learn from them.
interact with them as possible and become their practice ,you will learn so much by interacting with them and being a part of that having a realtionship with the true master so that's the first technique find the true master , observe them model their behavior and do what it is that they do and you'll start rapidly becoming better and more masterful at that subject.

 2.practice and persist

The next technique is to practice and persist and putting the hours to achieve mastery every single day so practicing and percist you need to put in the hours you need to engage and actually do the thing whatever it is the skill that you're trying to build you have to do everyday putting the hours, malcolm gladwell says it takes ten thousand hours to succeed to be a master, a true master on any area just like a michael jordan or mozart or beethoven...
so you need to putting the hours every single day practicing in persisting in you chosen skill
in the skill that you want to master, practice and persist and do it every day,three hours a day and you can do more and much more if you can do as many hours as you can and put in the work in fully immersed yourself.

3.immersing yourself

The next technique is that think about,read about and talk about your chosen area focus and of mastery as often as possible,so think about it often,think about that skill just do well on it, with the ideas of that skill,this is ideal and then also talk about with other people,talk about or watch movies or watch video on it ,listen other people talk with other people engage them either online or offline get involved and talk about it and spend your time immersing yourself in that subject and your gain far more better,far more higher levels of expertise and you star rapidly becoming better in that area just do what you need to do,to get engage  talk about it ,think about it and just be it ,fully immerse yourself so that's the concept fully immersed youself this concept gonna help you
those are the techniques  i hope that helps you ,i hope to use that power and start immersing your self fully today.

know  that power and start immersing your self fully today.

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Why You Have Take Risks to become successful

Why You Have Take Risks to become successful
Hi i want to talk about the concept of taking risk in life,the biggest risk is not taking one it's all,we're going to talk about that in this article .

i want you to know that risk exists in every part of the game,every part of life,if you're not taking action you still taking a big risk if you weighing up whether or not to go for that tackle whether to try out for the basketball team or whether to invest in your business... in those scenarios the cost of not taking action and not taking that risk is that if you don't have to tackle your opponent is gonna run right past you , if you d'ont invest on your business then your business will never grow there's a huge risk on not taking action,i want you to think of the risks you take as planting seeds , so you plant those seeds and you look off to them ,you nurture them ,can you help them grow ? some with them on going to make it some not .

if you have a big ambitions in your life and you dream big and you think big ,the risk of not taking action is just huge so i want you to adopts the mindset of being an action in your life,you mind is your compass that will guide you through as you take those risks and by the end of it that risk has paid you're in a better position and you know how to make it even better next time,if those risks didn't pay off d'ont give up,you still use you mind in work at how to make it better next time but either way the benefit of taking this risk is huge to you so that's what i want to give you today.

if you dream big you do have a big ambitions in your life.

I'm no stranger to taking risks

You must know that successful people take many risks,those who are successful hate a substandard life they are self driven and you know that is the best quality.
James Dean once said,The gratification comes in the doing, not in the results.He also said,Poverty was the greatest motivating factor in my life like a said early you have to dream big and have a big ambition and follow your dream Successful people take risks along with massive action because they know that they can make it they believe.
also know how to get motivated and stay motivated .

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How to Achieve Your Goals

 I want to share with you something  about achieve your goals
 i have to show 3 Tips to Achieve your Goals before these three things , I can promise you that you chance will be greater,that you could achieve those goals that you’ve set for yourself .

1. Make a specific plan with each goal.

 the first way to achieve you goals is make a specific plan with each goals,many people have a list of goals but it’s too much for them to deal with in a very broad sense.
for example They say (I want to lose weight or I want to make more money I want to learn musique … ) But you need a specific plan for each one so take for example make money,if you goals is to learn how to make money , make sure you have a specific plan each day when you get home from work you say to yourself  i'm gonna learn something new on how to make you see I am set it like that,you have a specific goal and a specific plan that goes with each goal .

2. Review each of your goals often

The second thing you want to do is make sure you review that plan and those goals often Make sure you are reviewing you goals , how often you want to do it that can very based on whatever you think that is best for you,so make sure you have a plan to review . We need to be constantly review and renew our mind on what it is exactly we try to accomplished,if you just set these goals January first for example and take off , and not reviewing you progress and not tracking things , you don’t really know what you’re doing and what needs work So make sure you’re reviewing often.

 3. Self Motivation help you to achieve each goal.

The third thing Focus on you’re abilities, know that you can make it and you can succeed,you can achieve it what ever is take you going to the top because you know that you can do it, so what im say is motivate you’re self everyday for that goals until you achieve it .

Thank you for you time and i hope that help, have a nice and great day.

How to Achieve Your Goals

How to Achieve Your Goals

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How to Change One Negative Thought

 Let's talk about how to change a negative thought into a positive one and this is the most simple practice and this is actually in really good place to start. And I always say this change one thought at that time, that’s much more manageable because most of us on in out of court interests, according to a research we have sixty five thousand thought for a day !! And supposedly 85% of those thoughts are negative so that’s staggering .

and that means we have like one negative thought per second. that’s why we have to overcome this but if you start changing one’s thought at a time and in this case, this exercise what I’m talking about is change one negative thought at the time.

How to Change One Negative Thought into a Positive

How to Change One Negative Thought
 the secret is just catch the very first negative thought you have about something For example you have a meeting and you made a mistake during the meeting and the first thought is “ wow !! I make a such failure, I m a failure “ and all of these thoughts come faster so just trace back to that thought I mean the first and then you know the thought is “ I’m such failure” and then you can put it with another words like ‘but I’m so amazing , I can do this and I’m just going to succeed

so you know this thought that “I’m a failure” It’s not true you must continue decide until you reach this place of really being positive and that’s actually one of my secret .

it’s very simple I refuse to be controlled by negative thoughts it’s like I will destroy that thought down and I’m really going to turned into a positive thought, until it released itself into this positive place . So I just want go to sleep until it stopped being that way and it’s very powerful because you know what, better you get it the faster this happens so this is my insider secrets .

So start with at a time and turning the very first that one negative thought you have about something into a positive one, you are free to choose you’re positive words just repeat them And you’re see .

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How to Stop Negative Thinking

Have your notice how your mood can sometimes shift in a matter of seconds without you even knowing why ? have you sometimes found yourself wondering why you feel the way you do ? So how to be successful and How to Stop Negative Thinking ?
There’s something very powerful about how your mind works and that can make a profound difference between you having success and happiness or life of struggle being disappointed. 
This is really important subject to understand,because it affects virtually every you have whether you’re looking for financial success or love and relationships good health or anything else. 

how to be successful
In this article I’ll be telling you how by simply incorporating three keys in your life how you can have the success you want. 
When you feel bad,do you have a discussion of your mind with negative thoughts such as let’s say Since I just received this horrible unexpected news,I have to decide how I should feel about this and since this is not a good news,that means that my reaction need to be angry and depressed so I’m going to ramp up my emotions and feel really upset,no it doesn’t happen that way does it. 
Your feeling normally don’t stem from any logical conscious process,they seem to come out of nowhere from somewhere inside of you without you even being aware of the where or in control of it. Now whether you realize it or not,they’re not actually determined by the events or even other people even though that’s what most people think they come directly and automatically from your subconscious mind which holds your evaluations, your attitudes and your beliefs.another words you feel bad if you perceive and an evaluated event as bad for sad on the sub conscious level that explains why many people have a hard time fully understanding how their emotion work, it’s because most people are unaware of their own deepest sub conscious believes which often established many years a go and the often surprising discoveries is that your subconscious may have beliefs completely the opposite of what you believe consciously.

The problem with this is that the subconscious tends to fixate on whatever negative thoughts and opinions of person has and it works to bring that about the what this means is that your life experiences are the result of your subconscious programming and your subconscious mind is very much like a computer program who directs just about everything in your life,your emotions your habits your relationship, your financial situation,yourself image,your health and just about everything else how your life turns out depends on what your subconscious minds programming,consists of how does your subconsciously programmed in the first place, this is important because it will tell you how to change the programming it happens over time and with reinforcement basically your innermost believes stem from three influences First your personal experience and the conclusions that you come to about those experiences Secondly the repeated statements of other people in your life especially if they’re significant to you In other words you respect them or they have some authority over you.
So this makes children specially control to statements made by their parents and teachers and others and the third source of your beliefs and subconscious programming is your own habitual thinking about yourself and the events in your life.and that begins at a very early age and it continues on throughout your life so for example a young child’s told by a parent such thing as :
You’ve got to work hard if you’re going to amount to anything , what makes you think you are so special that anything good will happen for you
Now let’s say the child heard this message and others like it or number of times while growing up as a result, the child becomes a self-conscious and self downing the child may become nervous or driven to everyone by excelling in some areas such as an academic.

Certain sport not achieving can mean feeling guilty or small or bad. these negative thoughts and ideas and feelings gradually solidified into beliefs in the sub conscious mind and they’ve therefore become one of the driving forces of the person’s life. as an adult person may not remember where those insecurities came from or why they believe it.and they may not even consciously think about it or no what’s inside of them, and yet just like a program operating in the background on a computer it may continue to affect a person’s relationships and career success and physical and psychological health

Now the good news is that fortunately we can reprogram the beliefs that are running at our sub conscious mind by utilizing some of the same techniques to put them there in the first place. It’s important to develop a positive relationship with yourself,and that includes respecting yourself from being positively or even toward life so to help you with this ,you can utilize affirmations to solidify a positive attitude toward yourself for example I feel good about myself,I respect and value myself I appreciate my body everyday I becoming more positive and healthy.and repletion is one of the best ways to reach the subconscious mind So practice repeating statements like these several times or numerous times if you can throughout the day and do it every day and in time you can erase those negative thoughts and replace them with positive beliefs so it’s important that you make the positive statements . your inner thoughts and self talk so they should be on your mind all the time until you see that they become the only kinds of thoughts that are in your mind. Listening to audio recordings of them has been one of the more valuables ways that you can learn from this and you can make incorporate them,and get your subconscious mind working for you and not against you,you can listen to them while you exercise or while you’re getting ready in the morning even while you’re falling a sleep. 

Thank you for you time i hope you have learn how to be successful and stop those negative thinking.

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Improve Your Self Esteem

How to find and cultivate daily self-esteem? You must immediately stop drop you're value, Start to learn to love And Learn to appreciate yourself.

It’s about self esteem and how to increase self esteem with some tips and tricks

It’s very easy and good to say love you self appreciate you self… but how do you get to that point of loving you’re self ok ?

 lets just started first you have to know something your are unique and you have your own characteristic that no body else in the world has it. just know that you’re a unique ok ?

So you have all the thing that you want to learn in this must do the first step that’s all !

d’ont think about future just live the moment and begin to develop you’re skills,just learn about it with you’re experience in life with you’re positive  friends or a  person that’s you’re respect and  you see in him something that’s you want to have it that’s happened trust me. that’s happened to me many times I see one on my friends he have a special personality he can make everyone listen to him he know how to talk and how to be silence.a strong person with positive motivation he can simply change thing you know .
so those quality that’s i see on him motivated me more and more to be better and better because that what I want to be.
Im not saying that I want to be like him like copy , but I want to be like I want to be , I want to be me with those special quality and more special quality that I m gonna learn it with my self because i appreciate my self .
my point is just develop yourself and don’t care about people around because they don’t have nothing to give you or to take on you know that ! choose very carefully you’re people or friends.

  •  why we learn to be confident or increase our self esteem ?
  •  we learn that for the people that we live or for our selves ? 
ask yourself thoses question.

negative people they will transform you in one of them that’s true its sad but you have to deal with it. Stop searching for excusing . just love you’re self and spend you time more and more with you self read books, learn some tricks… do the things that you love to do, help people ,be there when you're friend need you or you're parent need you bring happiness to you.

share and love the world the way that's you want to be and dont ever think to give up

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